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Flag of Switzerland
State: Neuchâtel Canton
Population: 32,664 (December 2007)
Licence plate: NE
Major roads: A5
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Neuchâtel is a city in Switzerland, located on Lake Neuchâtel, not far from Bern.

Hitchhiking out

Direction West (Lausanne, Geneva, France)

There is a very good spot to hitchhike out of the city on the A5. You just have to walk out of the city following the big road on the docks (quays) in the west direction, and after 10 minutes walk from the city center you'll reach a petrol station on your left. It's not so big but quite full and most of the people who stop there are going at least until Lausanne. Then you are on the motorway and many other petrol stations are there.

Direction East (Bern, Zurich)

Hitching in

Coming from the East (Basel, Zurich, Bienne/Biel)

Before Solothurn there is a petrol station. You'll have to find someone who goes to Biel/Bienne, or further. After Biel/Bienne there is no more motorway, so the easiest way is to hitchhike with your thumb up or with a sign. It works quite well on this little road. If you're stuck somewhere anyway, you can always take the train from the little cities on the road that goes along the lake.