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<map lat='46.605' lng='13.8678' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Villach (Slovenian: Beljak) is a city in Austria near the Slovenian border. It is an important spot on the direct connection between Germany and Kranj and Ljubljana (German: Laibach) in Slovenia and the Croatian coast. (For example most of the numerous people that go for holidays to the Croatian coast pass here.)

Hitching Out

South towards Slovenia, Ljubljana

To the south there is a motorway going through the Karawanken Tunnel over to Jesenice (German: Aßling) in Slovenia. Apart from that there is also the old road over the pass.

North towards Salzburg, Germany

To the north there is the Tauern-motorway going to Salzburg and Germany. �������������������[[[Category:E66]]