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Vagabondish somewhere in Philippines.
Vagabondish Trying to get a ride somewhere in Philippines.

Hobo life

On the road since July 2012. I have been backpacking very slowly and humbly in Asia for a few years now. Mainly hitchhiking/walking and sleeping rough and relying on local hospitality. There was a couple year stretch where I basically didn't pay at all for transportation or accommodation. I sometimes stop and earn some money. Right now I live in Chongqing, China. If I stop longer I usually host people in whatever place I have.

Countries I lived in Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Philippines.

Hitchhiking Experience

Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam,  Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

I have hitchhiked a lot and usually randomly, long stretches and to places I have forgotten the names of.

Some interesting parts of my hitchhiked journey includes:

Most southern part of Japan to the most northern point. Mindanao in Southern Philippines. Southern Malaysia to China.


I want to pretty much travel the whole world. Mostly by hitchhiking. The next step of the journey will most likely be to hitchhike from China to Europe through as many countries as possible.


Profiles: Trustroots, CouchSurfing and for those of you who are in China - Wechat ID: ProfessionalHobo!

I can host you in Chongqing, China