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Chongqing is a city in China.

Hitchhiking out

Like all big cities in China, it's a real effort to get out of town. The standard is to take a cheap bus to a small city then continue hitchhiking. Habakuk12321 took a bus to Dazu [1]. The region there is great, the villages small and there is almost no tourism. It's the way to Chengdu.

North/South/West/East towards Yichang

Chongqing is on the Yangtse river. Habakuk12321 did not find a way to get there for free. But the Three Gorges Dam is worth a visit.[2]

Hitching in

Chongqing is a megalopolis. Its difficult to hitchhike into the city center. There are buses to the center, in this area exist a lightrail to find the way to the main places, the bus and the port.