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Traumschule Riebau.jpeg

Traumschule is an open space, platform for actions, nomadbase, Hackerspace, ecovillage and much more. It belongs to the Freiräume foundation and is part of a wider Nomadbase-Network promoting the concept of free learning, self-organized skillsharing and DIY projects.

Hitchgathering 2017 was hosted here. Share your experiences! The place is available for future events. Contact the current crew


Location & Maps

Map of the Traumschule (also available on openstreetmap

Traumschule is located in the Altmark in northern Germany close to Salzwedel, in the village of Riebau.

How to get there

<map lat="52.859996" lng="11.27353" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" />

The Traumschule is located in Riebau, about ten kilometers East of Salzwedel which can be reached from different directions. The place is about 80-100km away from highways (A2, A7, A24) and 3km from national road B189 (Pretzier). Train tracks on the area connect Salzwedel and Wittenberge, which has been clear-cut during the last gathering and it was told that during 2018 trains are supposed to go on weekends.

Depending on where you come from you can take different national roads to reach Salzwedel - from there take the B190 towards Arendsee until the village of Pretzier.

From the south (Magdeburg, A2): B71 until Stappenbeck (5 km before Salzwedel, after Mahlsdorf) - K1003 - Pretzier - K1003 - Riebau. You can try to take the shortcut Stappenbeck-Pretzier, which is 6 km away.

From Pretzier follow Riebauer Dorfstraße for about 3km until you're in Riebau. Where the road turns left towards Jeebel turn right and directly left - you'll see the fire station on right, opposite to Traumschule.

As the spot is well known in the area usually people are curious to bring you to the door directly when asking for Pretzier, telling that the last three kilometres are no problem to walk. Bear in mind that it is about 80-100km away from the highway and that you might need one, two hours or more for that distance.


One of the drytoilets in the greens
Hackspace with tons of old electronics
Library with an english section
One room full of games, office material and media

See the list of infrastructure and projects in german.

The place contains a former NVA military building with workshops, a historical train station and 4 hectare with some permaculture and fruit trees. Also available:

  • (dry) toilets
  • Solar shower
  • Bikes, three-room bikeshop in basement
  • Workshops, material
  • Free shop area

Food, Water

  • organic food can be acquired from local producers in Groß Chüden, Volzendorf and Güstritz.
  • Drinking water is available at the camp site

Dumpster diving: Supermarkets in Salzwedel (roughly 20.000 inhabitants) are below average German standards in big cities, although the cake dumpster is special, find more in trashwiki.


The place is open and empty.

If you intend to visit the place, you can add yourself to "Inbound" with the intended dates.


Between public events there was an emergency crew present at the place to care of the basic infrastructure and to welcome guests. However more people are needed as a permanent / temporary crew to improve the workshops. If you think of joining the crew for a week or two, you can add your name here:

  • present: noone


Possible projects

The following projects are open for volunteers interested in skillsharing. Add your name if you are interested.

Earthship "anima mundi" at Traumschule
Clayworks during Hitchgathering 2017

Communal permaculture garden: Watering is most important during this time of the year. 'Earthship "anima mundi"

  • Idea: Have a constantly warm room without the need of heating during the winter, setup with spare material and low-costs.
  • Next steps: Cover insulation with clay, set up an inner wall with windows and wood to prepare the space for a small winter crew. Contact: Kardan, Oli
  • Progress: In 2016 the house became a closed interior, in 2017 the inner and outer walls got additional layers of clay to improve the heat storage capacity and close some holes that resulted from drying and weather. During the summer days inside the temperature rises to more than 30°C which is optimal to dry the walls. more images
  • Water system:
  • Water heating system
    • Idea: Have one big common room with floor heating during the winter to be powered with a compost heating.
    • Steps: Install floor heating to the lounge (and clay), construct compost heating next to the building
    • Date: No date yet.
    • This project can only take place with 5 to 15 participants.
    • Interested: Kardan (contact)

Past Events


See you again next year!
Infoboard inside the former NVA building

Traumschule in Riebau was one of the locations for Hitchgathering 2017 from August 10th to 26th.

We are happy to host a gathering with free contributions again: food, knowledge, money, sleeping bags, what people need. [...] This is an open space and if you like, feel invited! [...] Kardan from Riebau

(besides the Hitchgathering the Traumschule hosts an all-summer long self-organized open-space summercamp)

Preparation camp

People who come early can set to help up the infrastructure for the people to come - build an additional dry toilet, put up signs, check dumpster locations and the like. The German Competetive Hitchhiking Club will gather the weekend before (4-6th August) to start with some preparations. Event on FB You are welcome to join!

There is a Piratepad with an overview of organisational to-do's! See here.


Dogs are expected to be on a leash 24/7 (either physical or mental leash is okay). Electronics should not be used in some parts of the area.

What to do

Arendsee in the evening