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<map lat="52.848883477468796" lng="11.145080566407588" zoom="11" view='3' height='400'/>
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Saxony-Anhalt.png
Population: 20,000
Licence plate: SAW
Major roads: none
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Salzwedel is a city in Germany. It is famous for its special cake (see trashwiki).

Hitchhiking in

A2 from South-West

B248/B248: Follow A2 to Braunschweig, exit at Zweidorfer Holz and ask for Wolfsburg. There take B248 to Brome and B244 to Salzwedel. (Towards Traumschule in Riebau you can ask for the shortcut Ziethnitz-Kricheldorf.) However this track is less used than B71 from Magdeburg and depending on where drivers drop you, standing at bus stops in villages can be time consuming.

Another option via A2 is exit 62 Helmstedt Zentrum, then walk 2.0 km to the crossroad Marientaler Strasse x 244 and follow the B244 and then B248.

B71: Easier may be to follow highway A2 to Börde and ask for Salzwedel. Via B71 avoid to get dropped near Gardelegen or Haldensleben as petrol stations are used locally mostly.

Alternatively exit 69 of highway A2 (Hannover-Berlin) then B71 as above.

A14 from South (Magdeburg, Halle,Leipzig)

Best follow A14 to Plötzetal near Könnern and ask for Salzwedel.

From east (Berlin, Rathenow, Stendal, Seehausen)

Take B5 through Nauen, change to B188 halfway to Friesack until Stendal, change to B189 to Seehausen ("hem" petrol station) via Osterburg, change to B190 towards Salzwedel.

From north (Hamburg, Lüneburg, Uelzen)

Exit railroad Hannover-Hamburg at Schwarmstadt - 214 - Celle - walk a bit - 191 - Uelzen - 71 Salzwedel

Towards Riebau either walk 11km via Schillerstrasse x K1002 - Ritze - K1389 - Chuden - Jeebell - Riebau or try at the east end of Schillerstrasse, Arendseeerstrasse at busstop in front of Sixt car rental or 100 meter in direction of Ritze at a small crossroad from the roundabout B71 x 248.

For hitch-bikers

Exit Raststatte Helmstedt (eastbound service station). Coming from the east leave the truck or van with your bike at Raststatte Lappwald and enjoy the ride through the Lappwald on L20 via Bad Helmstedt (the nearby nuclear deposit Morsleben may be worth a visit). Follow the road towards Miersterhorst, Klötze, Brüchau, enter and follow the B71 to Salzwedel, or try Traumschule in Riebau for a night or two: Exit B71 at Stappenbeck (right after the empty glass displays), cross Pretzier to Riebau.

Hitchhiking out

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Towards Magdeburg, Leipzig

There is a nice bus stop after the round about on the B71. You can take bus #100 to Am Fuchsberg which runs every two hours. Hitch with a sign. Many people going south from the region are passing by here.

Towards Berlin

Take B190 towards Osterburg and try to get to the hem petrol station at Seehausen. From there via B189 to Stendal, then B188 and B5 via Nauen to Berlin.