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About Me

My name is Marcus. I'm a musician living in Budapest, Hungary but I'm originally from Lugau, Germany. So far I've been hitchhiking in Australia, Corsica the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia & the US. I've made lots of pretty amazing experiences with hitchhiking, that I wanna share with this page.

Hitchhiking Journal


Inspired by Elisa, my lovely roommate at that time, I chose to give hitchhiking a first try in 2010. I decided to go to Osnabrück to visit my girlfriend, who studied there at that time, but unlike usually chose to hitchhike, rather than rideshare. Being overly happy about a guy saying, he's goin' North, I also immediately made my first mistake... I started from Leipzig and would have gone A 14 to Magdeburg, then A2 to Hannover -> Bad Oeynhausen then A 30 to Osna - usually 4-6 hours driving. But instead I totally messed up that there are 2 highways going north -> A 9 North to Berlin and A 14 NorthWEST to Magdeburg. Of course there was no rest station to get off, once I realized, that Berlin is the wrong highway... So I thought it'll be alright and I'll just get off at the last gas station (see Nr. 1 in Pic above) before the Berlin Ring Highway and ask around for whoever's goin West (Magdeburg). Unfortunately it turned out, people would go a lot of different directions, into Berlin, Hamburg, Rostock, Stralsund and Frankfurt_an_der_Oder but nobody went West. Why? Everyone coming from Leipzig or in between would have taken the A 14 directly. So after asking around for quite long and going back into the gas station to check the maps a again, a man helped and told me I wouldn't find anyone. So -believe it or not- he went 45 min out of his direction to drive me to the next gas station on the A 2 -> this time heading the right direction... Funnily enough, and to prevent these things from happening again, he gave me his Atlas for the future - great guy! Getting there it was already dark and so I only managed to go to Hannover that day. Luckily my brother lives there, so I crashed at his and proceeded the next day to Osna... What a bad start - yet I've learned so much right away :)

- to be continued...

23.6.13: Just came back from hitchhiking from Budapest to Savona & from Bastia to Calvi + from Calvi to Bastia & from Livorno back to BP! A great trip, with a lot of info for this wiki / for the maps... working on it :)

10.6.14: Just came back from hitchhiking with my girlfriend from Budapest to and around Slovenia and back!
27min in Budaörs
35min in Velence
1h53min in Szfvár
5min in Lelle
21:05 an in Lenart, Slo
1h5min trying then sleeping in tent next to Gas Station
just before leaving we got a whole bunch of cake from some old ladies in a full car :)

next day 14 min before getting a ride to LJ, also asked a policeman, without knowing he was one, he was confused, asked for my ID :P
10 min in LJ -> directly our CS hosts in Medvode

two days later
16 min in Medvode to Kranj
7min in Kranj
5min in Radovljica
3 min at Exit Bled into town
instantly another ride back to other side of town
evening: hh to host
next day evening: hh to host again :), same place

two days later, colder weather, way to piran
2min in Bled at the exit
21 min in LJ
12 min in Postojna
15 min in Koper
took us to campsite in Piran :)

two days later
1h25min in Piran incl. 2x15min walking
17min in LJ
20 min in Lenart
1min in Pince on the SLO/HU boarder = basically instant ride to Nagykanizsa, a very bad place :|
1h39 min with a lot of walking in the burning sun there
7min at the roundabout in Balatonkeresztúr
took us to campsite in Fonyód

next day
26 min in Fonyód for a ride to Szántód

end :),sendung82258.html