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Kriechstrom fakes hitchhiking in Kuwait

Kriechstrom is a hitchhiker currently living in Aachen, Germany. He started hitchhiking in 2008 and has lost track of the distances he did. For him, hitchhiking allows him to afford way more travelling but meeting his drivers is more than just a goodie. Kriechstroms hitchhiking experience began shortly after his first hospitality network host told him about it. He was walking back to a camping site with a friend of his when they got into an argument if it was possible indeed. To prove his point, Kriechstrom raised his thumb for the next best car... and the driver stopped and picked them up! Since then he got curious about the limits of hitchhiking but hasn't found them yet.

His experiences include hitchhiking a lot in Germany and a bit in Poland, Hungary, Austria, France, Netherlands and Belgium. In the rare occasions when he had a car he picked up hitchhikers in Germany and Oman.