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Hitchhiking in northern greece, panel says in greek: Why not?
Hitchhiking in Albania. the best petrol station ever, named Autostop!

About me

My name is Federico. Fede, Cicco or Cicca for friends (as my surname is somehow related with these words). I was born in Milan in 1989 and lived there till finished high school. As in Italy hitchhiking culture is not anymore that strong as before (people don't hitch cause they think it doesn't work, it's dangerous and so on, and drivers don't really pick up for the same reasons), I started hitch very late. Took bachelor degree in Middle Eastern languages in Venice, my dream was traveling, living the world overland as cheap as possible. On November 2011, I started, with almost 20-30 km (random when buses were not available) on my counter I tried first serious hitchin in southern france, worked amazingly and never stopped..As Paluch said to me in Morocco: it gives addiction! and it's definitely true! Now it has passed more than 2 years and still i don't feel like stopping somewhere..there are people traveling the whole life, and in the end, isnt the whole life a travel? even staying in the same physical place.. Good route, good luck good life to all!

Some random hitchhiking Statistic

Hitchhiking in Iran, from Hamadan to Qazvin

25 months, about 30 countries (i dont believe in countries nor states, there is only one planet, but still people like to count and brag about them..): Europe -> France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria Greece Serbia Romania Ukraine Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Scotland, England, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland... Africa -> Morocco Asia -> Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran

Longest rides: 1) Spain, from petrol station "Andamur", somewhere between Cordoba and Madrid till La Jonquera, biggest truck area in Europe, border France and Spain.about 1000-1500km in 14-15h stopping to sleep. 2) France from Calais to Bordeaux to meet a girl who didn't show up.. Longest wait: 1) Portugal 6 hrs in an almost desert petrol station 20 km south of Lisboa trying to go to Evora and 2) Italy, Basilicata, again 6 hrs between a traffic light, a truckdriver restaurant and a desert petrol station

Most hitched country: i guess Iran almost 4000km in 1 and half months (nov - dec 2012) but also Norway Morocco and France.. Country spent more time hitchin: Italy almost 3 months (apr-june 2012) Easiest country hitched: France, never waited more than 15 min! Best, most welcoming country to hitch: Iran, quite tiring explaining every time what it is and why but incredible hospitality. Georgia! Most beautiful country; Iceland!

Total rides: about 1400 (stopped counting them after the first year and first serious stop in Turkey) Total km: more than 45000 (stopped counting them as well even if itd be easier take back the lazy:)


Second time hitchhiking in Iran, from Tabriz. Panel says: No Taxi, No Money, No Problem

After 2 years of nomadic life, changing routes, styles, lives, "what do i do", starting busking, even flying on planes! wasting money, living moneyless, dumpster diving, going to 5 star restaurants (on the top of a skyscraper in Tehran..) i decided to try low down my ego and write less, most of tips and advice on the new amazing Nomadwiki, which i really love and share concepts as visions, being what i had in my mind creating my blog and ll keep it for personal stories, and stuff. if you want to know "where i am", "what i am doing"