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Hitchhiking in northern greece, panel says in greek: Why not?
Hitchhiking in Albania. the best petrol station ever, named Autostop!

About me

My name is Federico. Fede, Cicco or Cicca for friends (as my surname is somehow related with these words). I was born in Milan in 1989 and live there till finish high school. As in Italy hitchhiking culture is not anymore that strong (people don't hitch cause they think it doesn't work, it's dangerous and so on), I started hitch very late. Took bachelor degree in Middle Eastern languages in Venice, my dream was traveling the world by land as cheap as possible. On November 2011, I started the travel, with almost 20-30 km (random when buses were not available) on my counter I tried first serious hitchin in sothern france, worked amazingly and never stopped..As Paluch said me in Morocco: it gives addiction! and it's definitely true!

Hitchhiking Statistic

Hitchhiking in Iran, from Hamadan to Qazvin

Till now (October 2012), I hitchhiked for 11 months, through 11 countries:

Europe -> France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece

Africa -> Morocco

Asia -> Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran

Hitchhiking in Iran, the day of my travel bithday

Longest ride: Spain, from petrol station "Andamur", somewhere between Cordoba and Madrid till La Jonquera, biggest truck area in Europe, border France and Spain. with the greatest truckdriver ever, about 1000-1500km in 14-15h stopping to sleep

Longest wait: Portugal 6 hrs in an almost desert petrol station 20 km south of Lisboa trying to go to Evora and Italy again 6 hrs between a traffic light, a truckdriver restaurant and a desert petrol station

Most hitched country: Morocco almost 3000km in 2 months (feb - march 2012)

Country spent more time hitchin: Italy almost 3 months (apr-june 2012)

Easiest country hitched: France, never waited more than 15 min!

Best country to hitch: Iran, quite tiring explaining every time what it is and why but incredible hospitality. Georgia!

Total rides: about 700

Total km: more than 15000


Second time hitchhiking in Iran, from Tabriz. Panel says: No Taxi, No Money, No Problem
Hitchhiking northern greece with my mum

I'm continuing my trip around the world, created a blog about it where you can have a more complete idea about me and the travel more than see last updated pictures and map.