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P.s. i dont know how to put a picture here if someone has an idea just write me;) thanks!

About me

My name is Federico, Fede, Cicco or Cicca for friends (as my surname is somehow related with these words). I was born in Milan in 1989. As in Italy hitchhiking culture is not anymore that strong (people don't hitch cause they think it doesn't work, it's dangerous and so on), I started hitch very late. Took bachelor degree in Middle Eastern languages in Venice, my dream was traveling the world by land as cheap as possible. On November 2011, I started the travel, with almost 20-30 km (random when buses were not available) on my counter I tried first serious hitchin in sothern france, worked amazingly and never stopped..

Hitchhiking Statistic

Till now (October 2012), I hitchhiked for 11 months, through 11 countries:

Europe -> France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece

Africa -> Morocco

Asia -> Turkey, Georgia

Longest ride: Spain, from petrol station "Andamur", somewhere between Cordoba and Madrid till La Jonquera, biggest truck area in Europe, border France and Spain. with the greatest truckdriver ever, about 1000-1500km in 14-15h stopping to sleep

Longest wait: Portugal an almost desert petrol station 20 km south of Lisboa trying to go to Evora


I'm continuing my trip around the world, created a blog about it where you can have a more complete idea about me and the travel more than see last updated pictures and map.