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Tours, a city of Art and History, ancient Gallo-Roman city, then France kingdom's capital, Tours enjoys a unique location at the centre of the famous Loire Valley, the heart of the Garden of France.

In short enough to marinate the Guide du Routard, but if you go there, use a hospitality exchange website.

Hitchhiking out

Direction A10 (Paris / Bordeaux - Spain)

<map lat='47.381614160856806' lng='0.7226943969726562' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />

  • First option - Entrance n°23

Bus line 6 direction chambray 2 and stop at "Bois Lopin", there is a little toll for the two directions

  • Second option - Entrance n°20

Bus line 7 direction Sainte radegonde and stop at Sainte radegonde centre, then catch the traffic lane and ask to drivers directly before there leave on the motorway

  • Third option

Line 2A direction Chambray 2 stop "Thibaudière", there is a petrol station in south-west direction, be careful she isn't the only way direction for the drivers, they used to catch the next one... we will have more information soon

It is a little bit difficult to leave that town, they want you to stay ! So try to escape and find your own way alone and report your adventure here ...

There is more than 5 entrances, you can see them here

You also have a transport map there

Just one advice : hitchhike on the center motorway entrance is good for waiting, so if you're patient... MiSha 22:39, 25 August 2008 (CEST)

DIRECTION Blois - Orléans By National Road (so better to follow the Loire river)

From the old center, take the east and follow the Loire River, then, you will see the first place, just between the Loire and the Tours Castle, it's a very long bus stop, if you're alone and you're smiling, it will be OK... But if it's don't working, you can walk 2 kilometers always by follow the river, there is some places...

My friend, it's a little bite difficult to leave by this way so if you find an other plan, come back on this page to check it for hitchhikers ! I just advice to take the bus 11 for the stop "Thibaudiere", there is an entrance for the A10 not so far...

Can you explain me where do you go after "Thibaudière" ? Because I don't know if you talk about the entrance n°23 in the north of that stop or the petrol station in the south west ...

I don't have check that point so tell me. You have all the maps just before. MiSha 23:04, 25 August 2008 (CEST)