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Blois is a city in the Centre region of France.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='47.5833333' lng='1.3333333' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' /> Advice below written by Misha:

Direction Orleans

From I advise you to take the road side south of the Loire, much more beautiful and advised because the other side houses the shopping district so if you have 15-minute landscape win cross the Loire on the bridge and take on Wilson your left along the river for about 10 minutes you go get to go below the second deck and voila you get the best spot I know, a place except that the landscape workers don't stop to put some piece of wood, I've always to put them off for the cars, maybe they think about the capitalvicki take them to make fire on the Loire river. So, if they're still there, put them off and leave a message. Next have fun, you have a really good place to maybe stop a horse-drawn carriage and a cochet.

Direction Paris A10 Bordeaux, Le Mans, Vendome (éventuelement)

A good half hour to go to spot if you come from the centre, then right to take blois "is" trying to reach the bridge "retro" (east), a fast track passes over and above a liddle and a champion, take liddle trouverz behind you a little way insertion probably also broke you, you can do here but I advise you to do 500 more in the direction of "cap movie" (the only independent multiplex france, if there is not with ca Otherwise s'inquiter ...). For people going to Le mans, turn left to cap movie "while those who go to Paris, Bordeaux, A10 and of course the right of the multiplex, voila you find a spot gold that is a roundabout what to do with attérir a jumbo jet!

Direction Chateauroux, Vierzon, Clermont, Grand South A71, A75

If you come to the centre north shore take the same road only to go to Orléans except that after crossing the Loire and walk for 10 minutes in the back, do not pass under the bridge on the expressway but rather send you the first roundabout before it (the second being together), you add on this path that you moving to a service station and its commercial area, takes you to a roundabout (The goose pate, c ' sologno is well!). Here wherever you go on leave sologne former swamp of more mystically chevalresque and royally orgiaque!

Direction Tours

Good if you are a little bite interested by the country, the locals cultures and not a businessman hurry to reach for a coffee, I advise you to go through the border of the Loire, we call her "La Levée", or 152 Rn... 33 dead in 3 years, the most dangerous road of france, sinuous and subtle, but more beautiful than any road. Therefore, beware of crazy drivers, because we can't stay too much time on it at a higher speed .. .

From north shore take the direction of the 3rd bridge, the most modern (inaugurated by François Mitterrand) that is when you have the Loire facing you and you're on the north shore take on your right (west), come to the entrance to the famous bridge and a modern crossroads with management TOURS, which offers a small arm insertion with a beautiful property on the side of trees to protect yourself short all it takes ...

Direction Vendôme

From downtown, require street "Porte Chartraine" a road that climbs at 20% kind, keep you well because if you doesn't, you will go down the street on the back with your bag! Then continue straight on the streets "Bourg neuf" made 400 meters, then ask you a choice: two paths in front of you : which take ? Solution: a square just opposite, has a huge Christmas tree, climb on top and you see the "beauce", Vendome and its famous bell tower, merry Christmas to all!

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