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Several parallel hitchhikers gatherings at 7.8.9.

- And now for a completely different concept - 

Did you come up with a quite different idea, in which gatherings are organized all over Europe in several countries, for example in five countries or even in twenty countries "(intra-) national" style. For example one event in Portugal/Spain, one in Benelux/France, one in Germany/Poland, one in Scandinavia, one in UK/Ireland, one in Ukraine, one in Russia, one in Czech/Slovak/Austria and so on... Or: one in northern Europe, one in western Europe, one in southern Europe, one in eastern Europe and one in Central Europe.

We actually did discuss the option, but kind of agreed to do a call for international gatherings on all continents. This would be the European one then. I think the idea of multiple gatherings is very nice, but it might be something rather for the year after, or to do it on 999 (one month later, let smaller gatherings spring!)? --Robino 16:52, 21 August 2008 (CEST)
A lot of friendships will disapear : for logistik and choice reasons . Also it won't be a challenge any more ! At the 888, a lot of people have made a long distance for their first or second time, it was really adventurous for everyone. That's also why they had enjoy it like a great experience of their life. Some of them said that they are now definitely hitchhikers for that kind of reasons. Little distances for everyone will broke our adventure's dreams Misha 13:10, 24 aout 2008...
I completely agree with Misha. Additional, if there are parallel gatherings, it would be hard for some people to decide where to go. Some friends may go to e.g. Berlin, while I prefer the gathering in Glasgow, etc. Maybe I want to do a longer trip than the short distance to the nearest gathering, and people might then prefer one gathering more than the other, etc. blabla. I'm definitely pro one-location meeting. platschisite, wikitalk 13:39, 24 August 2008 (CEST)
The main thing for me is that the idea was discussed on the 888 meeting. I think we should not discuss if several meetings is better than one meeting here. It was discussed on 888 and it was not considered an option to consider, as I understand from Robino, the 888-attendance "kind of" agreed that 789 should be one gathering. Perhaps the whole thing should be left there, or it could be a choice to poll it on this or perhaps (?) better several websites, as it would be then some kind of democratic decision. Or simply follow the agreement on 888, that said it was "kind of" agreed that 789 should be one location. In my opinion it should be done in the most democratic way (in this sense I disagree with Platschi ~ and I feel and hope that hitchhikers are not that much an inseparable and nomadic family, just a bunch of happy people :D Anyway, if it's about personal opinions, I'd more likely go to a European hitchhikers meeting if it were to be held less than 200 km away, than in case it was more. But of course a big meeting makes a longer journey more acceptable :D --Fverhart 14:11, 25 August 2008 (CEST)


  • bigger reach of hitchhikers
  • clear cooperation / organisation need / tasks / goal for European hitchhikers clubs
  • easier participation since the nearest meeting is more nearby, than in case of one gathering place
  • more local media attention, supporting the goals

Not so cool

  • you might fear (?) the number of hitchhikers is smaller on each meeting
  • the real road bums might not like... ;)
  • to be separated between hitchhiker's brother
  • Littles distances = little adventure
  • friends might be spread over different locations