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Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
State: Sarajevo Canton
Population: 305,000
Licence plate: SA
Major roads: -
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Sarajevo is the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Mrkonjic-Grad or Banja Luka, Croatia (Osijek), Hungary

To hitch north take tram #3 towards the southern outskirts of the town Ilidza. The road north is marked with a sign towards Mostar and Zenica. Show the tram driver Zenica on a map and he'll tell you which stop to get off on. You'll see an overpass that looks like a freeway on-ramp. Get up on that road and then walk north about 1km past a grocery store on the right. That will get you past much of the inner-city traffic and to places with more open area for cars to stop.

Second advice: take bus #23 to the last stop, Rajlovac. It gets you on the main road out of town, too, but a bit more north than tram #3. You then nearly don't have to walk.

Road and motorway numbers change often and/or are not posted along the way, so once you get out of town, to get to Mrkonjic-Grad and Banja Luka, head towards Travnik, then Jajce. For Pecs, towards Tuzla.

Note from Nalddo :if you use the spot above, you will first have to hitch to a junction North of town where the road splits in 2. You can get to this junction directly. From downtown, take bus 21 to the last stop, in Vogosca. From there, continue walking a few minutes on the road until you reach a bridge. This is where the road M18 to Tuzla and motorway A1 to Zenica split. You can thumb easily to either direction. To hitch on the highway, I recommend walking a few more minutes to reach the paytoll

This advice from Nalddo is very good, we used in May,2013. When you go out on last bus station you just walk north pass petrol station on right side(I ask on petrol station and staff told me that we can hitchhike there but it is best place after bridge on junction on right side and we catch ride there. If you are going to Tuzla like we did, there is no pay toll, so when you come to junction just hitchhike on right side and this is way to Tuzla you can not miss it. If you need to go to Zenica, than you need to go left on junction, walk a few minutes follow sign for Zenica and than come to pay tolls and hitchhike there.

hitchhiking from Sarajevo to Tuzla and Zenica.png
File:Sarajevo t0ma5.JPG
t0ma5 hitchhiking out of Sarajevo

Southwest towards Mostar, Croatia (Dubrovnik) E 73, M-17

From the city centre, take tram three in the direction Ilidza. After about 15 minutes, get off at the stop right after a small group of petrol stations located to your left and right. There is a bus stop here where you can stop a car, and as it is just after a stoplight cars will not be going very fast. Because of the large amount of suburban traffic, using a sign is recommended.

Another way to get Mostar. Actual for March 2015. Take the tram to Ilidža and go until the last stop. From there every 30-50 min you can take a bus to Hadžići direction. Then everything depends from your hitchhiking passion and the bus routes:) Price for any distance is the same: 1.60 KM. You can leave your bus at Hadžići and hitchhike along M17/E73 towards A1 and then towards Mostar. Otherwise if bus is going to Tarčin, you can go by bus as much as you can, pass Tarčin and leave the bus on the road near Donja Raselica. So you will meet no suburban Sarajevo traffic. There will be the way to Mostar.

East towards Serbia E 761

To go east take the tram to Baščaršija and you will see the road which seems to go into the hills along the river. Before the river makes a sharp turn right, is a nice spot opposite a petrol station and the Haris Youthhostel on Bentbaša Street 11 (it just moved there in spring 2015, so if you use gmaps it might still show you Hotel Emona for a while). user cyclebear had to wait less than 15 minutes there in july 2015. Before the serbian Border is the town of Višegrad and its recommended to make a sign for that or simply SRB (Serbia).

  • Great spot. In less than 20 minutes four cars pulled up - two only had space to take one of us (there were two of us) and one was only going 20 km down the road, but we took the fourth one. (September 2015)
  • (May 2016) definitely a great spot. I followed the above advice and made sign for Serbia. I got there at 1030 on Sunday. By 1045 I was in the car to Serbia. Got a ride all the way to Novi Sad. There were buses parked opposite the petrol station, but set up a bit closer to town and you will catch a ride easily.

Southeast toward Montenegro

There are two options:

The first one: Walk from Bačaršija to the street Garaplina that goes uphill. At the end of Garaplina, there will be a traffic light. This is the intersection with Mladih Muslimana street, which is leaving the city in the direction of Montenegro. Hitch at the traffic light or from the petrol station 50 m further down the road.

Go in the direction Trnovo and Foća, avoid Goražde because there is not much traffic there. At border with Montenegro on Hum crossing there are not many cars, but you can catch ride there and road to border is very bad, full of holes.(ask drivers on the border).

Second option: If you want to go direction Trnovo and Foća from Bačaršija you can take the tram #3, #4 or #6 towards the southern outskirts of the town Ilidza, and you go out in Stup. Climb to the big road crossing the avenue and you follow it to the right (M18 direction Foća, South). After few meters the road has only one lane in each direction. There are some wide parts of the road good for hicthhiking, but a bit later there is a petrol station where you can ask the drivers, if you prefer.


Just opposite the bus station you can see a green pasture where you can sleep peacefully and no one will disturb you.

Other useful info

A the bus station there is wifi, network kondor and password 5555544444.