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Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
State: Sarajevo Canton
Population: 111,200
Licence plate: MO
Major roads: -
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Mostar is a city in southwest Bosnia and Herzegovina. It boasts a beautifully preserved and reconstructed Ottoman Town Centre, as well as several large-scale monuments (one to Communism, for example). Because it was a central point of the Yugoslavian war, Mostar is still subject to religious difference. The eastern side and the old town is unofficially Muslim-Bosnian, and the western and central part of town is Croatian. Most Croats don't visit the Muslim areas and vice versa. Try not bringing this up when in conversation with locals, as it is a very touchy subject that might bring about strange situations.

  • MaxHermens has heard stories of Croats not accepting Bosnian Marks, but insisting on trading with the Croatian Crown.
  • JosephKnight lived in Mostar for two years and can confirm this is false. All communities use the Bosnian Mark.
Old town of Mostar

Hitchhiking out

Southwest towards Međugorje, Neum, Dubrovnik, Montengro (Croatia) (E73 and E65)

Hitchhiking out of Mostar to the southwest you have two options:

1. The first requires some walking, because the city sprawls for several kilometres in this direction. If you are in the Old Town (Old Bridge Area), a way to walk out of the city is to follow Tito Street (Maršala Tita) and then turn left into Novi put at the first crossing after the cemetery. You will see a signpost showing the directions for Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. Continue walking along this road for several kilometres until you reach the sign marking the city limits (the text "Mostar" with a line drawn through it). It can be difficult for cars to stop here, but eventually you should get lucky.

Another option might be taking a taxi to Buna, the next village. It's only about 5 KM and there is a perfect hitchhiking spot right at the main road.

2. The second option involves less walking, just follow Tito St. and turn left after the cemetery as described above, but once you're on the main road you will see a petrol station right after you turn right towards Dubrovnik. You can just hitch in front of the petrol station, there is a long and wide shoulder and you can catch all the transit traffic too.

Please note, most traffic going to Neum will enter Croatia and then renter Bosnia. So you will need a passport that can enter the European Union in order to visit.

Southeast towards Split, Imotski (Croatia) (M6.1)

From Gimnazija (the big orange building) follow the road past old bank/sniper tower, continue straight accross the roundabout. When you reach a larger road with traffic lights, turn left. Follow this road til you get to a crossroads at the edge of the city. The road straight ahead is the M6.1 and will take you to Croatia. The road immedietly climbs into the mountains, however, there is a small space for cars to pull over ten meters or so after the traffic lights.

Northeast towards Sarajevo E 73

From the city center walk north on Maršala Tita until you reach the E73. Walk a little bit further on the main road until you reach the Gazprom petrol station. There is a lot of traffic and cars have enough space to pull over.

  • Danewithoutborders (July 2019) The road you walk on to the Gazprom petrol station is quite trafficked, and it is not comfortable walking on the site of it. Consider a taxi to the petrol station, which isn't expensive in Bosnia.

It is also possible to walk up to the E73 straight away and start hitchhiking from there (if you're staying in the south of the city for example). There is however less space for cars to stop and you miss all traffic coming from Mostar itself.

  • Antonopa (May 2016) Just at the edge of town there is a patch of wasteland where there are buses parked, just before the road curves off and out of the city. This spot was perfect, I set up there with a sign for Sarajevo, by a lamp post. There is ample space for cars to stop. I waited 25 mins before two guys drove me to Jablinica. Then from Jablinica I took another ride up the road out of town, and from there a truck took me all the way to Sarajevo. This route is very hitchable, although it may take several stages as many people aren't going too far.

Hitchhiking In

Mostar is a small city, you can walk everywhere. Helpful spots to be dropped off at are Musala Trg (In English, Musala Square) or Mepas Mall. Many drivers will be happy to drive you to your destination in the city.


Update October 2015:: The building was closed by the government, all entries are walled. But it is very easy to climb over the walls, as many of the local kids do.

update of March 2020: We went to the building as it is in the description, it is effectively closed, but there is an entrance in the back which allows you to go up and sleep on any floor, the two nights we were there, the 7th floor the best

Mostar has one of the coolest urban sleeping spots in the Balkans -- the abandoned, war-damaged bank. There is seven floors and the roof top terrace to choose from -- it can be a little bit windy, but it might be worth moving away from the staircase as quite a lot of people come up to enjoy the splendid view over the city.df trash:Mostar