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Međugorje is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In recent times, it has been a place of worship, as it is unofficially one of the place where there was an apparition of the Virgin Mary. This attracts up to 2 million visitors a year. The town's main population consists of Croats or Bosnian-Croats.

Hitching in

There are loads of tour buses going towards Medugorje, and some of these are driven by priests who will always stop and take hitchhikers.

Hitching out

East towards Mostar

Walk into the big road right across the central church. At the end, turn left and walk another 15 minutes. Here you'll reach a crossroads. Head right for Mostar (left for the backroad to Croatia). You'll enter Moster through a backroad mountain-pass that offers a spectacular view of the city.

Accomodation and sleep

There are loads of hotels and rooms, because of all the pilgrims. It can be hard finding a free room in high season, and everything is overpriced.