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Flag of Peru Peru
Language: Spanish
Capital: Lima
Population: 29,180,900
Currency: Nuevo Sol (PEN)
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<map lat='-9' lng='-74' zoom='4' view='0' country='Peru'/>
Fabzgy and Dome Hitchhiking a few km, standing in the door and on the back buffer-bar

In Peru hitchhiking is quite doable although you are usually expected to contribute to fuel cost a little bit. It is nonetheless cheaper to travel by hitchhiking than taking a bus which, in fact, is a pretty cheap way of travelling, too.


(hitchhiking is cultural imperialism sometimes? we'll see!) Yeah! you can hitch Peru! Man, I got picked up by this amazing troupe of singing girls and their piano player who took me in and out and fed me fruit and trussed me up real nice. I was awful dirty, an what gorgeous girls. I found the south more difficult, cause no one had cars. don't take that $80 45minute train to Machu Picchu: the money goes to big-wigs in Chile, to whom Peru's ancient corrupt president sold the rail two decades ago. or so they say in Aguacalientes. -k wikipedia:Peru