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Trujillo is a city in Peru.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Chiclayo

Go to the toll booth, Peajé Chicama. Take a bus for Chicama and get off just before entering the town.

Another option is to take a bus for Garita or El Milagro to the SUNAT control. Just before it there will be some trucks parked.

South towards Chimbote

On the south side of town, there's a large gas station with lots of trucks. It's called "Grifo Panamericana". Might be a good idea to go there, though it is on the northbound side of the road...

Accommodation and Sleep

Right near between the Chán Chán museum and the site itself, there is a little grove of trees. Plenty of firewood, and it never rains around here.

The firemen in this town made excuses why travellers can't stay in the firehouse (August, 2014).

Other useful info

Chán Chán is nice, but the Temple of the Sun and Moon is allegedly cooler.