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Chiclayo is a city in the north of Peru.

Hitching out

North towards Piura

If in the downtown area, take a mototaxi (1.00 USD) to the "Grifo Salida Norte." They will leave you in a good spot for hitchhiking, but what they say is a sketchy part of town.

South towards Lima

You can take a mototaxi or walk all the way out from the city on the Panamericana Sur, stick a thumb up and you should get a ride within 30 min. Doesn´t matter much were, because the side of the road is wide, lorries can pull over anywhere. Yep, lorries are your best option, most of them go to Trujillo or Lima, so you can cover good distance.

Hitching in

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Other useful info

You can check out the Señor de Sipan archaeological site here.

We did hitchhiking towards south at REQUE, little bit south from Chiclayo. That was much easier. To reque, you just take some minibus from Chiclayo, that costs like a less than 1 sole.