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|from = [[Clacket Lane Services north]]
|from = [[Clacket Lane Services north]]
|from direction = [[London]]
|from direction = [[London]]
|from1 = [[Cobham Services south]]
|from1 = [[Cobham Services South]]
|from direction1 = [[London Heathrow]], [[Guildford]]
|from direction1 = [[London Heathrow]], [[Guildford]]
|towards = [[Brighton]]
|towards = [[Brighton]]

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Service station Pease Pottage
in West Sussex at motorway M 23
← from
towards →
<map lat="51.08418690310821" lng="-0.19926881790165532" zoom="15" view="0" float="right" />
highway crossing {{{crossing}}}

Pease Pottage is a town and service station in England.

Hitching out

North towards London

The slip road from the Pease Pottage flyover down to the M23 (GB) can be used to hitch rides. It is a dual lane entry with a sharp bend so traffic is slowed.

Asking in the service station is also possible. Flying a sign at the services has also caught Brackers a few lifts even though its technically on the Southbound side.

South towards Brighton

Asking in the service station gets fast lifts to Brighton and the coast. Standing at the entrance of the petrol station and the exit of the services yields the best results and you capture all traffic.

Accommodation and Sleep

Pease Pottage service station is fairly large and it may be possible to find shelter in some of the woodland that surrounds the car park.

User Experiences

Brackers Hitched out of here twice. Headed North the other South. Both times picked up within 15 minutes. (July 2012)