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Events add new

  • December 2020 Solstice/New Year's Gathering proposed in Italy. Join the mailing list to participate in the discussion!
  • August 2021 European Hitchgathering 2021 -- location is being discussed and will be known several months before the gathering. Join the mailing list to participate in the discussion!

Past events...

News add new

  • 27 April 2019 - New Mailing List: since the old mailing list is down a new one was created on | Subscribe and share with the users or the old mailing list as all the data was lost together with the list
  • 15 November 2016 The first app ever published by Hitchwiki is now available for free (as always) on the Play Store. Download it and keep track of the spots where you hitchhike, your waiting times and so on. In a future version the app will offer you an option to sync your hitching spots with Hitchwiki with no extra work. MyHitchhikingSpots. Special thanks to a random guy who gave an Android phone to one of our hitchhiking developers while traveling in Sweden!

Old news...

So far we have 3,656 articles in English, written and edited by hitchhikers around the globe.

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