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Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Language: Kyrgyz, Russian
Capital: Bishkek
Population: 5,356,869
Currency: Som (KGS)
Hitchability: perfect
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<map lat='41.07935114946899' lng='75.12451171875' zoom='5' view='0' float='right' />

Kyrgyzstan (also Kirgizia or Kirghizia) is a country in Central Asia.

This is an excellent guide for all CIS countries in general, but unfortunately in Russian.

Kyrgyz cars have Rooms with a red stripe on the left, which depicts kirghiz emblem. The first number indicates the letters Region: B - Bishkek, N - Naryn oblast., C - Chui, I - Issyk-Kul, O - Osh, D-Jalal-Abad, A - Batken, T - Talas. Sometimes others are old Soviet numbers.


Some parts of the borders to Tajikistan and to Uzbekistan have landmines.