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copied from some revision of this article: I would like to warn hitchhikers about way of getting a free transport here. In nothern part of country - Bishkek, usually people ask for money for a ride, and if somebody is ready to take you in his car, please ask for how much first. Because you can be unpleasantly surprise after you will want to get off the car, people can be nice to you but after ride they usually ask for money and for big money. Foreigners taught local people to receive money for every help, so for many kirgis people it looks normal. They can also invite you to spend night in their house just to ask for money next morning. In southern part there are lot of uzbek people who usually give you a ride for free, and kirgis drivers who go to Irkeshtam (Kirgis - Chinese border). In southern part there are no Russian people and sometimes drivers know only basic russian. Southern part is much more pleasant for hitchhiking. Everything written above is more then correct.Kyrgyzstan is quite dangerous place and I strongly discourage anybody from traveling there with exception of southern part where is more friendly for foreign tourists especially alpinists but not much then northern. They tried to rob us of our possessions and throw rocks at us with shouts: "kill,kill"!

In Kyrgyzstan people older than 25 all speaks at least elementary russian. Elementary Russian highly improove your safety and hitchability. Locals need explanations why you are travelling for free. On the other side of this when you are on the road try to look less expensive as you can. Do not carry DSLR camera for 5000 euros and then try to h-hike. Leave at home all your laptops, mp3players, cellphones. If you got nothing to take people will gave to you transport, food, shelter and water.