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Kranj is the 4th biggest city in Slovenia and it is the main city of Gorenjska, which is the north western informal region.

Hitchhiking out

Kranj lies besides the A2 motorway. Both motorway entrances are about 45 minutes of walking away from the city centre.
Local roads are also good for closer destinations.

Southeast towards Ljubljana

You have two options, the motorway entrance Kranj vzhod (vzhod means east in Slovenian) or the local road Ljubljanska cesta.

Hitchhiking spot towards Ljubljana on Primskovo roundabout
  1. Kranj vzhod: Walk in the east direction on the Cesta Staneta Žagarja street. You will leave the city at the shopping center Primskovo at a roundabout near a big Mercator shopping center. You can also hitchike there as seen in the picture on the right (better option, because the cars are still slow) or you can continue in the direction of Brnik Airport and after 1 km you will come to the motorway entrance for Ljubljana.
  2. Ljubljanska cesta: Walk south down hill from the city centre and follow directions for Škofja Loka or Ljubljana. Before you pass the railroad there is an extra lane where you can try your luck, but know that cars go in many directions here, therefore it's better to continue up the hill, past the traffic lights, a petrol station and finally going straight over a big crossroad where the right lane goes to Škofja Loka. After the small viaduct another lane joins in on the right and if you hitchike there you will catch all the local traffic towards Ljubljana.

Southwest towards Škofja Loka

You can follow the instructions for the second option Ljubljanska cesta towards Ljubljana, just in the last crossroad take the right lane towards Škofja Loka. You should continue down the lane, turn right and continue uphill. After 150 m there is a bus station where it's easy to hitchhike and all the cars for Škofja Loka go past it.