Škofja Loka

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Škofja Loka is a historical town in Gorenjska, the north western informal region of Slovenia.

Hitchiking out

Southeast towards Ljubljana

Northeast towards Kranj

Southwest towards Gorenja vas, Žiri, Cerkno, Tolmin

The most famous hitchiking spot in Škofja Loka leads towards the beautiful valley Poljanska dolina and it is mostly used by high school and college students. It is situated besides the municipal house which is called "občina" in Slovenian.

Getting there is easy, you just have to walk from the main square away from the city centre and in the end of the square you see a big yellow house, with a car park and the road that comes up the hill. Then you can just start hitchiking on the corner, where almost every car has to stop, because of the narrow road ahead.

The problem with this spot is that in the end of 2015, a bypass road will be built, so the traffic will reduce significantly.

Northwest towards Železniki