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Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro.

Hitchhiking out

Towards Budva, Podgorica, E 65/E 80

Walk to the tunnel along the road towards Budva. Vehicles go pretty slow here and there's plenty of space for them to pull over. Some anonymous hitchhiker got a ride to Podgorica in less than an hour. Lifts to Budva are even easier.

Also, if you get a lift through the tunnel, about three hundred meters after the junction to Podgorica/Tivat there is a big petrol station with shopping centre behind. You can easily find a car to Budva and Tivat.

Towards Herceg Novi, Dubrovnik

From the old town walk out of the city until you find a good place for cars to stop. You should be able to find a ride to Herceg Novi. From there it might be a bit more difficult to continue to Croatia.


There is a perfect wild-camping spot right on the city walls. Enter the old town through the 'sea-gate' and quickly make a left turn and keep on walking. Eventually you find stairs to a big cafe/restaurant on the city wall. Keep walking and find the patch of green next to a church to put up your tent.

You can also wildcamp right on the path up to the castle. Not the official path that you have to pay for €3 during the day, but the path that starts more to the east. Find it by entering the old town through the east gate, and then once inside by taking the stairs at your left hand. You'll get to a little place in front of some houses, and there stairs/path up the mountain start. There are several flat spots to put a tent, and you'll have great views when you wake up. Since people will walk here, you'll have to clear your tent in the morning.

Another option is to sleep in the chapel on the trail to Lovcen National Park, behind the castle. To reach it you need to follow the signs for Mt Lovcen and crawl through the hole about halfway to the top of the castle. The chapel sits between the castle and the mountain. Its always open and no one will bother you there, it's secluded and quiet. However, you might want to get up quite early as there are sometimes hikers passing in the morning.

Morris spent one night sleeping inside the room near the top of the castle but was woken up at 01:00 am by a group of non-english speaking and probably local people entering through the door. They were surprised to find someone up there, and continued further up before coming back down after 10-15 minutes. It's unclear what they were doing or if the castle perhaps serves as some kind of meeting point so it may not be advisable to sleep up there.