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Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro.

It's home to around 190,000 people. As it isn't the historical capital of Montenegro, it doesn't offer too many touristic spots for sightseeing, being mainly the administrative center in the country. However, being located in the middle of the country makes it really a good spot from which you can explore the beautiful nature of the northern parts of Montenegro, as well as make day trips to the coast. In the summer temperatures can get really high, up to 45 degrees of Celsius, so watch out for your health and carry a high factor protective sunscreen.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Shkoder

The best is to get to this roundabout directly after which there is a great hitchhiking spot. One of the lanes going out of the roundabout vanishes into the other leaving plenty of nice asphalt for cars to stop.

South towards Cetinje, Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi

The best spot for hitchhiking which many locals use as well is after the last traffic lights where road starts going towards Cetinje - here.

North towards Kolašin, Bijelo Polje, Serbia

To get out of the city that way as it is pretty far from the city center you can take a cab, one possibility can be near FK Kom football field here. You can also try in front of the Voli supermarket which is near to stop where the cars are joining the road, as some drivers stop to buy water and a couple of snacks before starting the journey to the north.

Other posibility can be at the exit of this gas station, where as well many drivers stop to tank before continuing their journey but there is local traffic as well. This place is closer than the one mentioned before, so you can try it, and if it doesn't work for some time, you can walk up the road to the place mentioned before.

Northwest towards Nikšić, Žabljak Sarajevo

The intersection between Cetinjski Put, M2.3 and M18 in the West of the city is well suited for catching rides in this direction. It is a 45 minutes walk from the center, there is also several buses running there from the city center, most notably bus number 20, serving the Delta City mall close by.

If you are going to Sarajevo it might be better to choose another route than through the mountains and Pluzine, at least off-season. In may 2023 I was trying to go from Podgorica to Sarajevo but ended up being stuck in Plozine because almost no traffic was going to Bosnia through there. It seems it's not the most common route. I had to go back to Nikšić and go into Bosnia through Trebinje and then Mostar and finally Sarajevo. There might be another way but be careful not to get stuck in the mountains after Pluzine because there might be no cars. Maybr in summer season it is better. (It is very beautiful though) (Baltaback)

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