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This page is a central dump for the organization of the 2015 hitchgathering.

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Historically we have followed a numerology that dictates the next gathering should be on the 1st of August. This is the last year we can follow that tradition, but that doesn't mean we have to follow it.

Main gathering location proposition

There is likely to be many pregatherings scatered around Europe, leading towards the main gathering. We need to find out where that is first before building a network of smaller parties around it.

Leipzig, Germany

I nominate Leipzig because that's where I live and I can do shit in advance. -- Sitarane (talk)

Leipzig is a 500,000 people town in East-Germany that main attractivity is that it's insanely cheap, there's always good shit going on and it's probablyTemplate:Fact the only city in the world that has *forests* inside it. Good place to camp for us.


  • You can camp in the city, away from notice, thanks to the insane amount of forest between the neighborhood.
  • Cheap everything.


  • Bad weather (Even in august, there can be cold and rain, though unlikely)


  • It's a city.

The early gatherings were all in cities, and seen as a media event: One hundred hitchikers converge on one place in Europe to show that hitchhiking is safe and good. Starting with Portugal, it has evolved into just meeting up and having a good time, away from civilization. We could go back to the old paradigm, if only for the sake of doing things different.

  • It's in Schengen

Good for Schengeners, bad for everyone else.