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Already last year the idea was around to have two main gathering, connected by a kind of rally. Leipzig and fontpedrouse are about 1600km apart, with most of it being highways. Its a perfect route to do a lot of mileage in little time, two days maybe. We could for example start the hitchgathering in leipzig on the first of august, then from the forth to the seventh (so not everyone has to leave at the same time) continue it on the gasstation in between leipzig and fontpedrouse and then open end at the hot pools. The rules of the rally would be this: everyone hitches in a team of two. whenever you meet another team, if possible you have to stop and exchange one team member.

This is way too far. If we have it in Leipzig first, it'd make more sense to have the countryside retreat in the Tatras. If we want to go to the Pyrénnées, then maybe the urban gathering should be in Toulouse. Sitarane (talk)

toulouse could be great for an urban gathering, but i think its too close. at least if we're gonna have that rally thing, we need a certain distance, to give people the chance to meet on the way. the idea behind that would be to have a common road trip with different people, a little bit like those get-to-know-the-others-games (of course that would only make sense if we'd be a lot of people sharing the same route at the same time, to have a good chance to bump into each other at gasstations) that we had at some gatherings. Clem (talk)

Hey, why not do both? Have a pre-gathering in Leipzig, the urban gathering in Toulouse and the main gathering in the Pyrénnées.... Basically, a "rally" is just what happens anyway, when you have a few pre-gatherings en route. Suggest some places to meet before hand and more places to meet will be thought of on the fly. I'm pretty sure that not everybody feels like hitching 1600km in a couple of days just to be at the urban-gathering AND the main gathering and they would just go to one of them. I wouldn't for sure ;-) --N0id (talk) 13:01, 5 September 2014 (UTC)

I think that making a choice between Leipzig and Fontpedrouse is the best. Doing two far apart risks scattering participation to either of both, and it would be nice to have as many people together as possible, right? I do like the idea of a countryside retreat afterwards, so the leipzig-tatra idea sounds awesome. But we would need a concrete proposal for a location in the Tatras, because that's still a huge area. Sitarane, you have any suggestion? As for pre-gatherings, they wil happen anyway, right? I´d say, focus the energy and organization on the main meeting, make it something awesome wherever it is, and let others come up with creative ideas before and perhaps also after the meeting. --Mrw.witteveen (talk) 17:12, 12 November 2014 (UTC)