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Flag of Netherlands
Flag Friesland.png
Population: 28,497
Major roads: A32
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Heerenveen is a city (officially a village) in the north of the Netherlands.

Hitching out

North, East as well as West towards Leeuwarden, Groningen or Joure

The on-ramp Heerenveen on the A32 which you get to if you follow the N924/Rottumerweg is the easiest place for cars to stop. Follow the road under the highway to get to the northbound side. Use a sign because a few km after this on-ramp is a highway junction.

The other on-ramp at Heerenveen-Centrum is not good at all, because traffic is slightly fast there and has no place to stop.

South towards Steenwijk, Meppel

Use the same on-ramp as described above, but in the southbound direction!

Accommodation and Sleep

Right next to the highway on the eastern side is a forest called Oranjewoud. You might find a good spot to pitch your tent here without being seen.