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<map lat='37.19068121571964' lng='-3.6038589477539062' zoom='12' view='0' height='400' float='right'/> Granada is a main city in Andalusia, a region in Spain.

Hitching Out

West towards Sevilla, Portugal

Go where the A44 crosses the A329 (location on map), and get on the A329 towards the A92. This is the motorway between Sevilla and Granada.

North or South towards Madrid, Malaga

Get any of the entrances next to the A44, going either North (Madrid) or South (Malaga)

Northeast towards Valencia, Barcelona

Get any of the entrances next to the A44 and use the direction of Lorca/ Guadix (A92 and later A91). Best thing would be to wait for someone who actually is going into that direction since the A44 crosses the A92 after 5-10 minutes.

East towards Murcia, Valencia, West towards Sevilla, Malaga

Go with the bus 123 from Caleta or Estacion de Autobuses, to the first stop in Albolote, walk there about 5 mins towards the A92, which is the Motorway between Sevilla and Murcia, take a view on the right and choose the petrol station that leads you the direction you want to go. It is a really good spot, takes between 2 minutes and 8 hours. Direction Sevilla there is one more of the good gas stations, right after Lorca. The other way you have one directly when you come close to guadix, might be like exit 296.

Works not so good in direction Malaga.
Direction Malaga is completely Spanish typical. That means 'Get lucky or you're screwed.'. We were 3 people and one driver could only take 2 of us so I just stayed there for the next 8 hours and nothing happened. Went back to town, took a 5 euro bus south to Motril and camped near the city as its pretty small.

Hitching In

Granada (map) has a national motorway called A44 just around the city. There are many exits on this motorway. When you are on the A44, wait for exits with direction city center. The driver can easily get off and on the A44, in either direction.


If you talk to the gypsies or punks in the Albayzin, they may be able to help direct you to some nice camping spots near the caves in the hills of Sacromonte. However, prepare for a bit of a hike with heavy gear.