Garbsen Nord

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Service station Garbsen Nord
in Niedersachsen at motorway A2 (Germany)
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<map lat='52.422' lng='9.556' zoom='16' view='1'/>
highway crossing towards station Garbsen Süd
Facilities: T-Mobile Hotspot, Sanifair, Hotel, Shop
Hitchability: Verygood.png (very good)

Garbsen Nord is a service station along the German highway A2.

Hitchhiking at this service station is very easy. You have eather the either the chance to ask drivers directly at the service station, or walk to the end of the service station. There's a good spot at the end, just around the corner you'll have enough space to stop cars, and everyone will go this way back to the highway anyway. Asking people is also a good option, mostly enough traffic here.

Direction Bielefeld, Amsterdam, Dortmund



As far as Platschi remembers, there's a big dinosaurus in front of the shop at the end of the service station.