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Flag of Croatia Croatia
Language: Croatian
Capital: Zagreb
Population: 4,440,690
Currency: Kuna (HRK)
Hitchability: Template:Great
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Croatia is great for hitchhiking. It is easy to hitch along the coast, and waiting time rarely exceeds 20 minutes. Almost everyone, except for the older generation, speaks English. Croatians are also extremely open, friendly, and hospitable. Definitely a must-see country.

WARNING There are landmines in Croatia. Jason and Kelsey found out the hard way, stumbling across signs in the middle of the night, central croatia. Ask locals if you're sleeping out. Better still, ask to stay in people's gardens, restaurant grass, truck beds. The coastline is completely clear, however. Please take care.


Border Crossings

<map lat='44.762336674810996' lng='16.787109375' zoom='6' view='0' float='right' country='Croatia'/>

To Slovenia

Now that Slovenia had joined the Schengen agreement, and thereby becoming the external border of the E.U, less drivers are willing to drive strangers into Slovenia. I encounterd that when nobody offered me a ride for 2 hours out of Zagreb. The solution is easy and cheap - go to Zagreb train station, and check the timetable (it is registered as internal traffic) for trains going to the village of Sutla. There are 7 trains like this a day. Buy a ticket till Sutla (1.5 Euro), and stay on board after the train passes Sutla, to the slovene village of Dobova (it takes 5 minutes, no conductors). From there it's easy to continue your way to Maribor and Ljubljana.

More information

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