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Hitchbiking is a mixture between hitchhiking and biking. Instead of waiting on on single spot for someone to pick you up you are sitting on a bike, already heading for your destination. Once a Pickup Truck or a big truck shows up you rise your thumb and smile. Some prefer to park the bike at a good Hitchhiking spot and wait there for a ride. Others again have a folding bike and can put their bike in a normal car trunk/boot.


  • You never get stuck in a bad hitchhiking spot.
  • You are more flexible because you don't depend on traffic. That means you can explore little beaches, rivers or villages with your bike and hitchbike further afterwards.
  • You get a lot of attention if you are running on your bike with all the luggage.
  • You can enjoy beautiful parts of your trip on a slow pace with your bike and skip bad or hard ones while hitchhiking.


  • It's harder to find someone who has room for you and your bike. You might consider getting yourself a fold-up bike, which uses significantly less space.
  • You need good bags which should be easy to remove from the bike.
  • It's not that obvious for the driver that you want a ride.
  • In countries with tiny cars and few trucks its really hard.


It's better in places with lots of pick-up trucks, such as South America.

guakasite, wikitalk can confirm it's very easy in Ecuador. Hitching with 2 people and 2 bikes was very easy.

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