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Beaune is the wine capital of Burgundy in the Côte d'Or department in eastern France. It is located between Paris and Geneva.

Hitching out

<map lat='47.0219290' lng='4.8549270' zoom='12' view='3' float='right' />

A6 North towards Dijon, Troyes (A5), Nancy (A31)

From the roundabout Phillipe le Bon, next to Hotel Novotel, follow Av. Charles de Gaulle down about 500 metres to a small péage. Traffic from this péage joins both directions of the Autoroute, so using a sign is necessary to indicate which way you want to go.

A6 South towards Lyon

Use the instructions for going North, remembering to use a sign to indicate your direction of travel.

(D974) to wine villages, Nuits-St-Georges and Dijon

This is in fact a better way if you are only going to Dijon, as you avoid the transition from the A6 to the A31.

There are numerous wine villages between Beaune and Dijon which are easy to reach by this route, as pick up/set down is possible at almost any point on this stretch of road. Nuits-St-Georges on this route is a good location for dumpster diving.

Accommodation and Sleep

The woods around the village of Comblanchien (halfway between Beaune and Nuits-St-Georges on the D974) are a good location to set up camp for a night if you don't fancy hitching in the dark.

If you want to wild camp just do it next to the Mcdonals (free wifi, toilets, some food if necesary) is just next to the toll (dont give the whole round to acces, just jump the fence (you will se where)

Other useful info

There's a large shopping centre on Avenue du Bataillon de la Garde. Dumpster diving is rather hit-and-miss unless you're there at the right time. There is a launderette open 7 days a week here.