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Troyes is a city in the Northeast of France, around 200 Km from Paris

Hitchhiking out

Going East (Germany, etc.)

I got a lift off a car driver on a roundabout just North of Troyes (less than 5 KM from the airport). You can reach this place by the number one bus towards Pont-Sainte-Marie and walking from the last stop for 10 minutes. The ticket costs around 2 Euro. There are many roundabouts on this road leading to the A26 Motorway. It took me 5 minutes to get a ride.

Going West (Paris by A5 or D660)

You can easily hitchhike out to the west by walking to the D660, after passing via the bus stop "De Serre". There is a nice roundabout just after, that links to the right road.

There is also this roundabout that is nearer from town, but I haven't tried it yet.

On the D660 there is plenty of places to hitchhike, to continue on this way, or to join the A5 (that I think is tougher since there's not many people taking it from outside Troyes.