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Flag of Morocco
State: Souss-Massa-Drâa
Population: 3.114.000
Major roads: A7
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Agadir is a city in the southwest of Morocco.

Hitchhiking out

Northeast to Marrakesh

Take a grand taxi from Place de l'Abbatoir in the direction of Tikiouine (5 MAD as of December 2011). Ask the driver to leave you next to the large store Metro. Walk further down to the roundabout marked "Marrakesh". Often Moroccans are also hitching from there.

The hitchhiking point for Marrakesh

North to Essaouira

There is a coastal road straight north to Essaouira. Between Agadir and the town of Tamri, hitchhiking is easy. The beaches along this stretch are popular surf-spots and traffic is relatively high. To the north of Tamri, the traffic density gets lower, but the scarcity of villages ensures long distance rides.

To hitch along the coastal road, get yourself somehow to the harbour, where the road up the mountain castle starts. There the road to Essaouira begins. Hitchhiking here is supereasy.

Hitching boats

The Agadir Marina is rather small but bigger than the ones in Essaouira and Mohammedia. It should be ideal for hitching boats to Canary Islands in the end of the hurricane season (November-December), but the border control guys are unpredictable. (I got a ride and we were ready to go but for no apparent reason they cancelled my "exit stamp" --Astikain 13:48, 4 December 2010 (CET)) If you decide to try this, check with the marina police first if they have changed their policy (prepare to speak French).

The marina is really small, when I arived there were only 17 sailboats. But for me it worked very well. It took me only about 30 minutes to find a lift to Canaries(I am lucky bastard). I was there in half of december and there were more boats going to Canaries and from there continueing to Senegal, Cape verde or across the ocean to America.


About 20km north of Agadir, along the coastal road, you'll find the surfer village of Tarazout. About 1.5 km north of this village, there's a small lonely hotel/pension, just next to it you'll find a great empty beach for camping. There' also some caves where locals are kind of living. Hitchhiking from up the road to both directions is straightforward and easy.