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Essaouira is a resort town on the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco.

Hitchhiking out

The roundabout for all directions is on Boulevard Mohammed V. a few hundred meters south of the swimming beach and its associated buildings like the Sofitel Hotel and petrol station.

East to Marrakesh

The road east to Marrakesh goes along the R207 road. Right at the south east corner of the city there is a roundabout where cars can stop easily. At a small distance from there seems to be a popular spot for police patrols, which makes it unlikely that people pick up hitchhikers. Locals recommend the petrol station to the west, which works fairly well.

North to Safi

If you follow the same route as if going to Marrakesh, there's a second roundabout a few kilometers out (maybe 3km) where you can catch a ride on the R301 north along the coast.

South to Agadir

The N1 road has less traffic and may take an entire day, but it is a scenic route. It passes through endless argan groves and then ocean views. First, get to Essaouira Ville Nouvelle/Ghazoua, about 7 km south of Essaouira. There you'll find an intersection marked Agadir and Marrakesh. Get a lift on the Agadir road until the first village, Smimou, some 25 km further. You can then hop from village to village.

You can take from main entrance of medina bus №3 to Smimou or №2 to Sidi Kauki.

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