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A13 (Germany)

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A13 in Germany

The A13 connects Berlin and Dresden in eastern Germany. It has a total length of 196 km. The route Berlin–Dresden (and vice versa) is easy to hitch and can be done in about 2 hours.

The motorway starts at the Schönefelder Kreuz, an interchange with the A10 (Berliner Ring) and A113, which is the Autobahn coming from the centre of Berlin. It continues southwards, where there is the interchange Dreieck Spreewald to the A15 towards Cottbus and Poland. The end of the motorway is the motorway interchange Autobahndreieck Dresden-Nord, where it merges into the A4.

hitching the A13

Legend:   (very good) |   (good) |   (average) |   (bad) |   (senseless)

<map lat='51.75' lng='13.8' zoom='8' view='0' float='right' height='500' width='200' country='Germany'/>



(1)   Schönefelder Kreuz * connection to the A10 (Berliner Ring) and to the A113
(2)   Ragow
(3a)   Mittenwalde
(3b)   Bestensee
(4)   Groß Köris
(5a)   Teupitz
(5b)   Baruth
typical view of the A13 nearby Staakow, looking north
(6)   Staakow
(7)   Freiwalde
    Raststätte Berstetal   (very good) for Berlin,   (bad) for the rest, maybe   (average) towards Frankfurt/Oder
It can be hard to find a lift that is not going to Berlin. You can take a lift to Berlin and then go to the hitchhiking spot towards the direction you actually want to go.
(8)   Duben
    Raststätte Rüblingsheide   (very good)
(9)   Lübbenau
(10)   Dreieck Spreewald * connection to the A15
(11)   Kittlitz
(12)   Calau
(13)   Bronkow
(14)   Großräschen
    Raststätte Freienhufener Eck West   (very good)     Raststätte Freienhufener Eck Ost   (very good)
(15)   Klettwitz
(16)   Schwarzheide
(17)   Ruhland
(18)   Ortrand
(19)   Schönborn
(20)   Thiendorf
(21)   Radeburg
(22)   Marsdorf
(23)   Dreieck Dresden-Nord * connection to the A4



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