Villa La Angostura

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Villa La Angostura is a tourist resort in Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi in Southwest Argentina.

Hitchhiking out

North towards San Martin de los Andes

First, take the route towards the pass to Chile. At Lago Espejo, hop off to stay on RN40. A kilometer down a secondary road, there is a camping (Bellunesse). From the turnoff, there will be plenty of tourists travelling RN40 slowly towards San Martin de los Andes. Expect several hours more for this part as tourists stop frequently. Make sure to visit Lago Espejo Chico. After Lago Correntoso, you can take the turnoff on RP65 towards Villa Traful, a more remote part of PN Nahuel Huapi.

West towards Osorno in Chile via Paso Cardenal Antonio Samore

This is a heavily used route and the major pass between Chile and Argentina in Patagonia. One can expect several hours of waiting time at the border, especially when going back and entering Argentina. As some people might be reluctant to take you across the border, hop off and walk the last mile, surpassing waiting cars and trucks. There is a stretch of dozens of km between the two border posts, you cannot stop here.

East towards Bariloche

As part of the pass of Chile, RN40 is intensely trafficked here. Buses leave regularly. The route is packed with tourist cabins for miles - don't try to walk this stretch - hitch instead when reaching the end of the center, when the street gets wider.

Accommodation and Sleep

As a popular stop between Osorno and Bariloche, Villa La Angostura is quite expensive. There is an unofficial camping spot in Collon Cura, which sells inexpensive. Expect barking dogs, noisy nights and backpackers in good mood here. You can get there quicker taking a path through the woods behind the supermarket La Anonima.

Useful tips

To see Peninsula Beatriz, you can rent bikes close to the main bus station. The path is still constructed, expect to carry the bike over some stairs the first kilometers. You can also walk to the end of the peninsula, however, camping is not permitted. Make sure to visit crystal-clear Laguna La Patagua. This might also be the best spot to camp wild.