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About Me

I'm 32, originally from the South Wales Valleys, but nowadays I live in the Netherlands in between backpacking around Europe, usually heading south in late autumn to escape the winter and not returning until spring.

I studied Music at ICMP in London.

I'm fluent in English and Dutch, and proficient in French and Spanish.

Despite my username and having moved to the Netherlands, I have practically given up smoking cannabis. I find it makes me lazy and unmotivated, and to be honest, I want to keep all my energy and enthusiasm to enjoy being on the road, in the fresh air. I am however partial to a very occasional smoke shared with interesting people who can tickle my imagination...

Countries Hitched

England, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy.

Easy Hitching

I have found France, Belgium and the Netherlands to be the easiest hitch hiking experiences so far. The French seem to be particularly enthusiastic and curious about travellers. One of the things I like most about the French road system is that if hitch hiking fails on the highway, there is often a Route Départementale running parallel which will get you where you're going, just slower.

Nightmare Hitching

In Spain, I've been stuck in places for hours.... or days sometimes. The worst experience to date was being stuck in the desert between Lorca and Almeria, with no food or water, bearing the heat in the day, and the cold at night, camping amongst the scorpions. I arrived in Almeria after 72 hours, tired, hungry and dehydrated... MISERY!!

Why I Hitch

There's a certain liberty associated with this lifestyle... I love meeting new people, practicing languages, and generally keeping hitch hiking alive... as the more we do it, the more widely it is (re)accepted. For me it's also about occupying an otherwise empty seat rather than using my own vehicle, causing no extra negative effects on the environment.

This lifestyle of hitching and recycling and squatting also means I minimise the amount of money I spend into large corporations, as I get food and transport and shelter either for free, or where I do pay, it's going to local people and businesses.

One other thing: I refuse to take the "Hike" out of the "Hitch"... so that means lots of walking!

I am always open to traveling with new people, whether for a day, or for longer. If we happen to be in the same place at the same time, maybe we can walk awhile together...

My Philosophy

Trust the universe and trust where you find yourself in it in the moment...

"Live like a Womble, eat like a King."