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Not very experimented hitchhiker... Yet. As on July the 14th, he has hitchhiked 12000 Kilometers.

Hitchhiking Experience

Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Best: Paris, France - Madrid, Spain: 16 hours. 5 different hitchhikees.

Nice memories:

  • Madrid, Spain - Barcelona, Spain: One of my hitchhikees, stopped at a restaurant bar and payed the lunch for me.
  • Toulouse, France - Geneva, Switzerland: One Spaniard drove me more than he was planned to drive just to take me to the skirts of the Citadel of Carcassone, France. MARVELOUS!
  • Hungary, Slovakia and Austria: While hitchhiking with Brigi, we got two direct and fast rides waiting less than 10 minutes each (Budapest, Hungary - Bratislava, Slovakia and Vienna, Austria - Budapest, Hungary).