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Hi, my name is Ben Duncan. I'm from Oxford and I love to hitchhike!

Strangely, when choosing between hitchhiking and planes, I think hitchhiking is the greater luxury. You may be able to fly somewhere quicker for less, but hitching is the most beautiful experience on earth. An opportunity to travel over a period of days, or even weeks, meet new people *every* day. Experience the generosity from strangers you wouldn't think people were capable of. On a flight, people are paid to be kind while they serve your scented napkins and your plastic-wrap chicken and you settle down for the most unexciting journey of your life. I've slept under the stars in Zagora, called home from a Dutch diplomat's boat and smoked with death metal Nazis. No other way of travelling can compare.

Hitch hiking trips thus far:

York to London

Oxford to Morocco

Oxford to Moscow

Oxford to Beijing

I had a dream of hitching from England, through continental Europe, Russia and into China to see my brother in Beijing. In 2010 I actually did it! And it only took me 3 months :P