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Flag of Togo Togo
Language: French
Capital: Lomé
Population: 6,587,239
Currency: Franc CFA BCEAO
Hitchability: <rating country='tg' />
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Togo is a country in Western Africa, with borders to Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso. The official language is French.

Hitching Togo is very easy if you are on a road that has any traffic. By at least one statistic Togo has the least vehicles per capita of any country on earth so be prepared to walk when not on main highways. It is quite often that people will offer you free motorcycle rides in the backwoods. Many vehicles are taxis so make sure the ride is free before you get in, speaking basic French is important. White plates are private cars and yellow plates are all other non-governmental vehicles. Police are rare and have little power. The Togolese are generally friendly and may invite you to stay at their house.


Lomé, Atakpame, Kpalime, Badou, Aneho, Kara, Dapaong, Sokode