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<map lat="19.31389000000012" lng="-98.24166999999561" zoom="8" view="3" float="right" />
Country: Flag of Mexico Mexico
Population: 1,170,000
Seat: Tlaxcala (City)
Licence Plate: Tlaxcala

Tlaxcala is a Mexican federal state, located in the center of the country. It is the smallest state of Mexico, but densely populated. It shares borders with the states of Mexico to the west, Hidalgo to the north, and is otherwise surrounded by the state of Puebla. Its capital is the city of Tlaxcala. Historically, the Tlaxcalans were the enemies of the Aztecs located in today's Mexico City and fought with the Spanish in (pre-)colonial times (in case you wonder why there is such a small federal state).

The archaeological site of Cacaxtla is located in Tlaxcala.