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How to use this Template?

For using this template, copy&paste the following code to the top of the Swedish city article you want to edit. You can delete unused parameters. To better understand how to use it see example bellow. You can also use Template:Infobox Location instead.

{{Infobox Swedish Location
|name = 
|name_native = 
|symbol = 
|county = 
|county_symbol = 
|municipality = 
|municipality_symbol = 
|map = 
|pop = 
|motorways = 
|BW = 
|hitchbase = 
|links = 


Code Result
{{Infobox Swedish Location
|name = Gothenburg
|name_native = Göteborg
|symbol = Göteborg kommunvapen - Riksarkivet Sverige.png
|county = Västra Götaland
|county_symbol = Västra Götaland vapen.svg
|municipality = 
|municipality_symbol = 
|map = <map lat='57.7' lng='12' zoom='11' />
|pop = 536790
|motorways = {{E|6}} {{E|20}} {{E|45}}
Göteborg kommunvapen - Riksarkivet Sverige.pngGothenburg
<map lat='57.7' lng='12' zoom='11' />
Flag of Sweden
County (län):
Västra Götaland vapen.svg
Västra Götaland
Population: 536,790
Major roads: E 6 E 20 E 45
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