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Out of curiosity

'Where not: Kraków (E75 through Katowice is faster) '

Wheres the E75 bit - unless you mean the E67 (or whatever the E number that isn't this one


In my opinion there's too much information on this page, e.g. where to change the road when they split. It's not information about Warsaw anymore. Most people will check it out earlier and drivers will tell you/leave you in a right place anyway if you tell/show them where you going. Also I think we shouldn't mention spots that are not good, let's just mark these spots as senseless on the map, cos some people might think "wow that looks like a good spot". If people look for quick info about how to get out of Warsaw, especially using internet cafe they need quick answers. If I have time in some near future (hopefully:)), I will check all the spots in Warsaw and try to reorganize this page. --Paluch 22:30, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

A2 to Berlin

I have been waiting on the recommended hitchhiking spots, and actually got a ride to Berlin in the end. I assume I was lucky that these guys had an old GPS. Most Polish people now go over the highway. Can anyone from Warsaw update the hichhiking spots?

  • I updated some info, but haven't tried any of them myself yet. Trying option #1 tomorrow. If anyone could confirm option #2 as a good alternative that would be great. If not, just delete it; I only added it to give closer alternatives for hitchhhikers in the northern districts who don't want to spend 1,5hrs in a bus. Koendev 20:39, 1 September 2012 (CEST)