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Tacna is a city in Peru.

Hitching out

North towards Arequipa

Near the central market there is a roundabout with a lion statue. Good spots are after the lion statue or one kilometer up the hill there is a spot where the trucks must stop to get checked.

South East towards Arica in Chile

Mind of a Hitchhiker will do this soon. It's about 50km all the way and one must first get past Tacna's airport.


Besides the hostales where you can still pay with Chilean pesos, there's free options too. Mind of a Hitchhiker slept at the bomberos (firefighters) for a few nights in the empty women's dormitory. Smoking allowed. Due to Tacna's Pakistani population, the mosque is also a possibility if you ask the Imam nicely and respect Islamic customs (no shoes inside and both men and women cover up, try to be clean). There might also be a good freecamping spot on the mountain at the Alto de Alianza monument, where you can go by taking micro "A".