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Update: I think the best spot to hitchhike from is the gas station on Slavonska avenija 110, you can get there by taking 286 bus and walking for like 15 mins, even though it's like 40 mins from the city centre but there is plenty of room to stop, also I dont recommend going to Varazdin and hoping to get a ride at the toll booth going to the highway because the traffic is pretty small there and mainly not towards budapest. There is a gas station before Varazdin(like 10 km) and we got a ride from there in like 5 mins.
June 2019
Another good option is to take the tram until Dubec. At least 3 different lines end there. Once you get there look for a bus going to Sesvete. There where most likely be several people trying to board and you should be able to enter from any door. The ride shouldn’t take more then 10 minutes and you will find it makes a left turn followed by two right turns soon after. This is where you want to get off and cross the street. You’ll see a bus stop just after the street crossing in the opposite direction from the bus you just got off. You will then want bus 273 going to Lužan. (Someone entered this bus from the middle door as well.) Take bus 273 to the end of the line. From here it is just a 3.2 kilometer walk to the first gas station directly on the highway. There is a gravel road after you cross over the highway which you can easily reach by going a couple hundred meters past the highway. (No need to try and cross the ditch to reach it.) As you approach the gas station fence and the road turns to lead around the back you will see a gap where you can easily hop the fence and follow a well formed path directly to the parking lot. It should be just a handful of meters after the curve and very easy to notice.
There are also plenty of good places where one can pitch a tent for the night if one wants to come out here in the evening and get a nice and early start the following morning.
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